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Announcement of SIAC 2024

Dear all contestants and parents,

On behalf of SIAC Organising Committee,  we are pleased to announce that the final result of SIAC 2024 has been released on our website under "Events".


SIAC has received close to 600 submissions in the contest. This contest is very stiff. Congratulations to winners on winning the award. For those who haven't been awarded, don't get discouraged and keep your chin up. you will be also receiving the E-certificate of participation. Participation is important, and Let us continue to fuel.


Thanks to all for your participation and continuing support especially for those art centre and studios including: 10 Tong Wei Studio,  Art Next Door, Art Village, Artgrain, Artsy Bugsy Studio , Feiry Arts School , Global Art, HiArt , Hopscotch Concept Art Studio , Let Colour Soar etc. that organised students to participate in this contest  . we are working on processing of Certificate, Award Medal and Trophy. It may take around one month for design, print and production. We will keep you posted on the updates via email and message. 

Most importantly, all winners will be invited to participate in the "SIAC Winners' Artwork Exhibition" held in Beijing, China from 10 - 15 June 2024. The exhibition will also cooperate with the parent-child art trip, arrange to visit the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing TV Station, the Palace Museum, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square etc., it will be a lifetime unforgettable parent-child art journey!


SIAC Organising Committee

Arts Association of Singapore



此次大赛竞争非常激烈,共收到近600份参赛作品。祝贺所有的获奖者。对于没有获奖的参赛者,您也将收到电子版的参与证书,请继续努力,不要气馁,重在参与,继续加油。 感谢大家的参与和一直以来的支持,尤其要感谢各美术机构和工作室组织学生参与比赛。接下来,我们正紧锣密鼓的在设计,印刷,制作证书,奖牌和奖杯的阶段,大概需要一个月的时间,我们将通过电子邮件和短信的方式通知您进展情况。





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