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Visual Arts Graded Examination 2023

The Visual Arts Graded Examination (VAGE) 2023 is back!  VAGE is open for children minimum age 5 years old to adult who likes visual arts and obtain a certain level of arts foundation. There is no restriction on nationality, occupation, or education background.

Exam Information

Exam Date 1:

9 April 2023, Sunday

Exam Date 2:

16 April 2023, Sunday


10AM - 6PM


To be informed once receiving total no.of candidates.

Exam Date 3:

23 April 2023, Sunday

Exam Registration

Registration Date:

1st March 2023 - 8th April 2023

Exam Fees:


Total Exam Fee Payable

1 & 2


3 & 4

5 & 6

7 & 8





9 & 10

Bank account info (updated).jpeg

Exam Structure

  • The Graded Exam consists of Grades 1 to 10 with Distinction, Merit, Pass and Fail.

  • There is No limit to theme and medium for the examination.

  • Materials are not provided during the examination except the A3 paper, water for clean brush. Candidates need to prepare and bring their own materials for VAGE.

  • The copyright in all candidates’ works shall be dealt with in accordance with the AAS Copyright Policy. The ownership of the submitted works remains with AAS.

  • Student are encouraged to apply for the grade according to their actual level.

Exam Grades as Reference*
  • Grade 1 - 3:
5 - 6 Years Old
  • Grade 1 - 5:
Primary School Students
  • Grade 1 - 7:
Secondary School Students
  • Grade 1 - 10:
16 Years Old and Above

The artworks will be expected to take one month for evaluation and grading by judging panel based on the following criteria:

  • Imagination

  • Technical Skills

  • Composition Skills

  • Supporting artworks as reference

Grading Criteria & Duration
Juding Criteria 1.jpg
Juding Criteria 2.jpg

*Candidates are required to submit their supporting artworks online while they register based on the applied grade and according to the criteria as above.

Confirmation of Registration

confirmation email will be sent to candidates to inform the date, time, venue, candidate number and more details by 7 April 2023.

Withdrawal Policy

Once registered, strictly no refunded or retaken for candidates who fail to take the exam due to personal reason.

Result and Certificate

Please note that the result will be announced online and the certificate of graded examination will be sending to you by post.

There will be NO review of results and NO re-examination. The examiners’ decision is final.

For any enquires regarding the Graded Examination, you may contact us at or WhatApp us : +65 81869795.

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