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2023 SIAC
List of Selection to Final

For the SIAC 2023, the organising committee has received close to 600 pieces of great artworks. We're so happy to see your creative ideas.


We are very pleased to announce that the list of selection to final for SIAC 2023 showing as below. The judging panel will review the finalist's submission of artworks for final round. No online submission and drawing competition on site are required. We are likely to ask for submitting the original artwork for judging purpose if necessary. The organising committee will announce the final result of winners on 28 Feb 2023 at 6pm.

We sincerely appreciate every contestant who has supported and participated in the contest. For those contestants who haven't been selected to final, we will be issuing the Certificate of Participation consecutively by post or self-collection.

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4 To 6 Years Old

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7 To 11 Years Old



12 To 18 Years Old

For any enquires regarding the contest,

you may contact us at

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