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SIAC 2022

The Singapore International Art Contest (SIAC) 2022 is an annual art competition open to all young artists aged 4 - 18 around the world.


This year’s contest serves as a platform for aspiring and emerging young artists to engage in environmental education as they explore their interaction with a world that is constantly changing and advocate for positive changes through visual art and creative communication.

Contest Entry Guidelines


Humanity and Nature

Humans have always relied on the natural world to sustain them; food, water, medicine, shelter materials, even natural climate cycles. The natural world is essential to our existence, yet we are disconnected from it so much that we forget that nature is as giving as ever even as it slowly disappears.

Throughout human history, there has been an imbalance as well as overuse of nature, leading to environmental degradation.

In a world that is constantly changing, art can act as a springboard to jumpstart new ways of seeing, thinking, and being.

Through this  creative challenge, we seek to increase awareness of the delicate balance between humanity and nature,  celebrating Nature's biodiversity and inspiring action to protect it.



Group A: Pre-Schooler

4 To 6 Years Old

Group B: Primary Schooler

7 To 11 Years Old

Group C: Youth

12 To 18 Years Old

Contest Timeline:

Registration Period:

10 February 2022, 12pm - 18 April 2022, 12pm

Submission Dateline:

18 April 2022, 12pm

Announcement of Result:

 9 May 2022, 6pm

*Results for this art competition will be announced on our website. All award winners will be presented with certificates.

Entry Details:

  • The registration to join this art competition is free.

  • To register for this art competition, the participant is required to fill in their information online at the Registration Form. Applicants will receive their confirmation email within a week of successful registration.

  • To submit the artwork entry for this art competition, the participant is required to fill in Artwork Submission Form online and upload one to two images of the artwork (the image file should be saved as Last Name, First Name, Middle Name (optional), Title of Artwork). For example, the artwork image should be saved as “Tan Li Li - Peace”.

  • The artwork may be submitted from 10 February 2022, 12pm to 18 April 2022, 12pm. No submissions will be accepted from 12:01pm on 18 April 2022.

  • Participants must ensure that their artwork is ready for presentation and exhibition as all award winners and top three prize winners will be called to submit the artworks for the exhibition and prize award ceremony. Participants who fail to submit their physical artworks will be forfeited.

Artwork Requirements:

  • Participants are to submit an original artwork of A3 Size: 30cm (height/length) and not more than 43cm (height/length).

  • Participants may use any art mediums - pencil, colour pencil, graphite, charcoal, pen, markers, acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolour paint, poster paint, Chinese ink, etc.

  • Participants may combine and use multiple mediums.

  • The artwork should be created on a piece of paper/watercolour paper, rice paper.

  • The artwork should be an original work produced by the participant for this art competition. The artwork should be produced from 10 February 2022 to18 April 2022.

  • The participant may freely express their artistic creativity in response to the art competition. The created artwork should adhere to the theme of the art competition and submissions which are inappropriate to the theme will not be considered. The artwork should be an original work and not a copy from an existing photograph or artwork. Hence, a participant may be forfeited if the artwork is found to be a direct reproduction of an existing photograph or artwork.

Challenge Prompts:

Consider these prompting questions when creating your artwork:

  • Does your artwork reflect that you understand the theme of the contest?

  • Does your artist’s statement also show that you understand the contest theme?

  • Does your piece show that you have a good understanding of art and that you use these art elements, such as composition, line, shape, value, and colour, to effectively portray the theme?

  • Is your artwork original and shows off your individual style?

  • Is your artwork neat? Are there tears, smudges, and/or smear marks?

  • Does your artwork invoke emotion for your viewers? Is it striking and memorable?

Judging Criteria:

1. Skills: 12%

2. Creativity: 12%

3. Innovative: 12%

4. Aesthetic of Work: 12%

5. Proportion of Artwork: 12%

6. Perspective: 10%

7. Cleanliness: 10%

8. Colour Combination: 10%

9. Lines: 10%


The following awards will be given to each age category:

  • Gold Award: 30 people

  • Silver Award: 50 people

  • Bronze Award: 60 people

  • Rising Young Artist Award: 5 people

  • Most Creative Award: 5 people

Organised By:

Arts Association of Singapore (AAS)

- Contest is now Closed -

Thank you all for participating and congratulations to all winners! Watch this space for our next art contest.

For any enquires regarding the contest,

you may contact us at

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